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七年级英语作文 1

I have a good Saturday morning ,I do my lunch,I go shopping with my about five o’clock,I go to play basketball with my Sunday,I watch a football game on often help my mother do watch TV with my parents in the I go to bed at nine o’’m very happy on weekends.

七年级英语作文 2

Maria went to London on vacation last year. The weather was cool and cloudy. Maria visited a friend in London, and they had great fun going shopping together. Maria bought a lot of things. During her stay, she went to the movies. There were quite a few new movies on show. Most of them were really fun. Maria also tried some different kinds of foods there. She thought the hamburger, fried fish and pizza were quite delicious. But she didnt like the chicken at all. In a word, it was a good vacation for Maria --- the beautiful city, the pleasant weather, the delicious food, the fun movies and the friendly people there.

七年级英语作文 3

Books are our best friends And when we come across difficulties, we often turn to them for help


However, not all the books are worth reading While some books are too simple or too difficult, others are not interesting enough


So, it is important to make the wise use of books The books that give us knowledge which we can not learn in the class, the books give us pleasures and the books which remain us do not forget the past


七年级英语作文 4

my name is gui chun zi , my english name is annabelle ; im elven years old . im a lively girl .i like reading good books and play computer games. my favorite color is purple and pink. i like eat hanburger and fruit .i dont like eat lobster. so i refuse eat lobster .

whats your name ? how old are you? lets be good friends!

七年级英语作文 5

Im a tall and lively boy. I like playing basketball very much because its interesting. I like NBA, too. There are many famous stars in it.

Such as Alan, Iveson, Tim, Donken, Jordan, Kobe, ONeal and so on. Yao Ming is in the NBA, too. Hes Chinese.

He plays basketball well. Hes a center forward. Hes our pride.

All the ball stars can jump, shoot and pour in the basket. So each game of the NBA is wonderful. Sometimes the players can perform miracles, I think.

This years champion is Spur Team. It’s one of the strongest contenders.

I like NBA. I love basketball.

七年级英语作文 6

The Martinez family is in the beach today. The sun is shining, and the bird is flying. What a lovely day! There are many children at the beach. Some children are swimming in the sea. Some children are drinking at the beach. Some children are playing and running. They are very happy.

Mr. Martinez is wearing a green and white shirt. He’s cooking. He wants to make a hamburger. Mrs. Martinez is wearing a blue, yellow and red swimsuit. She’s drinking sweet lemonade. Alex Martinez is sitting on a chair, he’s reading a book. Tina Martinez’s swimming in the sea. Jimmy Martinez is wearing a colorful bathing. He’s listening to the walkman and dancing. The puppy is lying at the beach. It wants to sleep.

The Martinez family is very happy today. What a lovely day, and they are at they are at the beach.

七年级英语作文 7

in my study and life,there are many people helped me a lot,especially my are kind and matter what i do something,they are my backbone and case of my life,they have a very good influence on teach me how to do housework and teach me how to live up to our i am down,they will always behind my encourge me and cheer me in the end,i can get rid of the blue mood quickly with their love and appreciate them.












七年级英语作文 8

Dear Mrs Brown,We are so glad that you're coming to join us on Saturday. Here is how you can find us. We'll have our gathering party in the Central Park. Maybe you've been there,haven't you?

Go straight on when you get out of the school gate and come to the street. Then turn right at the second crossing and you'll find a hospital. Just opposite it is a No. 7 bus stop. Take a bus and get off at the fourth stop. Central Park is just in front of it. We'll have our gathering party in a boat on the lake. What a funny thing! Do come on time. We'll wait for you at the park gate.


Li Hong





七年级英语作文 9


After class, I played the game of "catching people" with my classmates.


At first, Shangming stood, we all squatted. Shangming counts. When he starts counting from 1, we all run around him. When he counts to 20, he begins to "catch people". First, he catches Guo Wen. Guo Wen catches Zhou Yang again. Zhou Yang is deliberately stupefied for a while. His eyes are slanted and he catches a glimpse of me. So I run fast, but I can't run past Zhou Yang's "magic palm". Now it's time for class. My classmates and I rush to the classroom.


We had a good time playing this game!

七年级英语作文 10






七年级英语作文带翻译【优秀】 11

初一英语作文带翻译 篇一

Today is Monday. I get up at 6:00. I have my breakfast at about 6: I clean my room, wash my face and brush my teeth.

I have noodles for breakfast. I go to school at 7:00. I do morning exercises at 7: have four classes in morning.

At 11:30, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. I go to bed at 12:00 in the noon.

We have three classes in the afternoon. I have computer class and art classes. I like them very much. I go home at 5:30.

I do homework after school. My sister、brother and I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening.

Then I wash my face and brush my teeth. I go to bed at 10:00.





我梦想说一口流利的英语 篇二

I have a wonderful dream in my heart. its to speak english very well. since english is everything for me. english is my best friend. english is my soul. english is my power. without english, im nothing at all. nothing. now, i can think in english, speak in english, and write in english. some people think im an indian. some people regard im a pakistan. and some people even consider that im an egyptian. but if i could speak english as good as an american, my future would be brilliant. so i work very hard.


初一英语作文带翻译 篇三

It's the middle of September now and the autumn has come. The hot days have gone. It's cool in themorning and at night. It's more comfortable than ever. But the weather is alittle bit dry, so we must drink more water.

In the northern part of China, theleaves tur[]n yellow and look beautiful, but in the south, there is little love autumn very much because I like the scenery in the autumn.



我的书桌 篇四

Since kindergarten, my father has prepared a desk for me. It's ginger. But when I get to primary school, I have more and more knowledge to learn. Gradually, my desk can't put any more learning supplies on it. My grandfather has changed a big desk for me. At the beginning, I like it very much. But I forget the good habits I have developed gradually. When I go home, no matter the table or the small one Dinner table, as long as I don't put anything in it, has become the place where I do my homework. My mother criticized me many times. Sometimes I think why I'm lazy now. I think I'm too relaxed. Later, I'll pick up my good habits gradually. I'll try my best.。.。

上幼儿园起爸爸就给我准备了书桌,是个姜黄色的 ,可是到了小学后 ,要学的知识也越来越多,渐渐地书桌上再也摆不下我的学习用品,爷爷又给我换了一个大的书桌,刚开始我还挺喜欢的,可是渐渐的之前养成的好习惯都被我忘记的,回到家,不管餐桌还是小饭桌,只要没有放东西,都成了我写作业的地方,妈妈批评了我很多次,有时候我自己也在想为什么我现在变得懒了,我想是我自己太松懈了,以后,我要把好习惯渐渐拾起来,我要努力。。。

初中帮助别人的英语作文带翻译 篇五

Haze shrouded in the world, raindrops washed the sky, we look forward to a ray of sunshine; autumn windsy blowing, bringing endless desolate, we yearn for a green leaf!

We can not pull the haze, get the sun, but can use a warm eyes for others to bring hope; we can not change the wind trajectory, bring green, but can use a soft greetings usher in more beautiful scenery!

We do not expect help after the return, fleeting flashing tears, full of gratitude thanks, but also enough to make the community better!

Help each other, teach us never give up, from the tender body burst out of the warmth and strength! Because we have love, we have to face the residual snow after the sun, after the earthquake hope, at that moment, we hand in hand, heart to heart together to cast the Great Wall of love!

The power of help is enough to let us face everything, shoulder the mission, common hope, after the rain the sunny sky also shines the glory of light, help, no reason! - because we have love!






初一英语作文带翻译 篇六

On weekdays, when I was in school, I play with my classmates. Sometimes I play volleyball, and sometimes I play football with them.

I think football is a very interesting and exciting. But when I go home, I like listening to music alone. I also like to read a story book.

When I'm not happy, I often draw some pictures though I'm not good at painting. On weekends, there is no class, I like shopping with my friends and my parents.

Hobbies can make you happy, so I like them. I have many hobbies.

Do you agree with me?




初一英语作文带翻译 篇七

As a middle school student,I don't have much free time,but I still have a lot of things to do.

I like listening to music and reading,so in my free time,I always listening to music and search the Internet for about 's a good way to relax always do some reading before go to ,I always go to swimming after help me to keep healthy and do good to my the same as other students,I often watch TV in the evening,but I have to finish my homework first.

At the weekends,I will help my mother with the housework,such as clean the house,do some washing.




初一英语作文带翻译 篇八

A into my village,saw the ground covered with grass,is so tender and ,like a green breeze,grass,like we nodded approvingly at to welcome willow with it that slightness green girl's arm,and gently pat on the bank.

In front of our house is a beautiful garden,the garden of lush trees and beautiful scenery,grass overgrown with all sorts of flowers and plants,like a big flower-bed,full of pigment beside a pool,pool of colorful fish swim to swim,clever!Our house is behind the building,neat flickering among the people,and street,car,a blast.

Our home is beautiful!We love our home!




初一英语作文带翻译 篇九

Dear Xiao Ming, How are you doing recently? We take pride in that you are good at playing computer games. Computers are more and more important in our lives. Playing games on them can help us know more about computers, which is very useful for our future lives. But if you are addicted to it, it’ll be quite harmful to you. It is not only bad for your health but also has bad influence to your study to spend too much time playing them.

Next you should take an active part in all kinds of activities in your free time. We all know you are a cute boy, you must do better in the study if you spend less time playing computer games. Yours, Liu Chang



初中帮助别人的英语作文带翻译 篇十

My neighbor is a lonely life, I have tried to give my best to help example, the laundry, sweeping, cooking, etc.


In fact, the most elderly of a fifty years old,best hope is that other people care


So, I hope that not noly care in their daily lives,but also emotionally,we can care what they want.


Therefore, to regularly communicate with old people is the most do more listening and speaking,


For the elderly to he most comprehensive care.



my bedroom初一英语作文5篇10-14






my dream job英语作文精选8篇09-12




七年级英语作文 12

One afternoon,an old woman was crossing the street with a basket in her was going to do some shopping.

just then a car ran up fast and she was knocked down.

One of her legs was hurt and she couldnt move any kind cleaner saw this and rushed to her at once.

He helped her stand up and took her to the nearest a warm-hearted man he was!





七年级英语作文 13

I have a warm family, There are three people in our family, they are my father,my mother and me. my family name is Wang, my first name is run ting , They love me very much, I am the apple of their eyes. I am a middle school student, My academic record is average.

I have an attractive room, although it is very young, but I very much like it, My computer is on the dask, The skirt, shirt, jeans and coat is in the garderobe, The English book,math book, story book and chinese book is in the bookcase.

I love my family

我有一个温暖的家庭,我们家有三个人,他们是我的父亲,我的`母亲和我。我姓王,我的姓是run ting,他们非常爱我,我是他们眼中的苹果。我是一名中学生,我的学习成绩是平均水平。 我有一个很有吸引力的房间,虽然它很年轻,但我很喜欢它,我的电脑在dask,裙子,衬衫,牛仔裤和外套在garderobe,英语书,数学书,故事书和中文书在书柜里。 我爱我的家庭

七年级英语作文 14

Dear sir,This week I interviewed 50 students in our class about the TV programs. The following chart shows what they think of the TV programs.

1. Most of the students like TV news, but it seems that TV news is too long for the students.

2. We dont like talk shows. We all think they are boring.

3. We dont like soap operas, either, because we dont have enough time to watch them.

4. Sports shows are our favorites. We do hope we can enjoy more sports games. We like Yao Ming and Liu Xiang.

5. Sitcoms can make us laugh. We love them and hope every day is a happy day for kids.


七年级英语作文 15

The people who I adore When I was in primary school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in was a very kind young man, more than ten years older than us and taught us English. We all liked to take his impressed me a lot was his could see him always got angry only when we were too noisy in class,he often played soccer with used to be a very believable defender and never fouled on any of all liked to call him "Teacher Miao" and he was just like a friend, not a sonsy personality inspired me to be kind to everyone I was my well-beloved "Teacher Miao" .

七年级英语作文 16

January 1st is New Years Day. Its a great day for all the people throughout the world. As the saying goes, A good beginning is half the battle . So, many people go all out to celebrate the important day. On that day, I went to the Book City with my classmates. We bought a lot of useful reference books and interesting story books. I believe Knowledge is power . I hope I can learn a lot from these books and improve my study. In the evening, my family had a big dinner party. All the members in my family wished me a good luck in the new year.