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七年级英语作文 1

The ancients cloud: "reading to learn." Reading another benefit, is the people to cultivate noble moral character, know the book of rites. The bacon once said: "books are in the waves of sailing ship to the thought of The Times, it takes careful gave precious goods to generation after generation." The ancient tradition of famous people, such as respect, cherish the time, fools, etc., were later recorded in the book, the nature, read it, understand the truth, can be used, will become a moral person. Whether Chinese or foreign, have been a lot of celebrities, and the story of these celebrities, their diligence, hard work, also are weaved.

七年级英语作文 2

With the development of science and technology, our lives have changed a lot in the past century. Many things that wouldn’t happen before have come into reality now. Therefore, our lives will change as well in the future. Our pace of live will greatly speed up, because we will help many machines to finish our work. Many things can be done autonomously. Therefore, people will have more time for fun.

People can travel the outer space freely. Space shuttle can bring people to planets far from the earth. Human beings may live in other planets. Besides, our environment will be much better than now, because some effective measures are taken to protect the environment. Earth is still a beautiful home for human.

七年级英语作文 3








in my study and life, there are many people helped me a lot, especially my are kind and matter what i do something, they are my backbone and case of my life,they have a very good influence on teach me how to do housework and teach me how to live up to our i am down,they will always behind my encourge me and cheer me in the end,i can get rid of the blue mood quickly with their love and appreciate them。

七年级英语作文 4

A few days ago, the movie Red Sea Operation was very hot and people werevery impressive about the policemen, who saved the citizens lives in a veryurgent situation, some even sacrificed their lives as the price. We live in apeaceful country. This is because policemen protect us all the time, and theyare the great persons. March 14th is the policemens day, people make this dayfor them and show respect. They deserve the publics praise. They sacrifice somuch, such as the time to accompany their families. Many childrens future dreamis to be a policeman, as this career brings the public hope and future.

七年级英语作文 5

Suqian Senior high school entrance examination is coming. Everybody wants to do better in it. So get following things ready. First, It’s very important for us to pay attention to our diet. Second, we should go to bed on time. You’d better not get too tired while revising your lessons. Third, don’t be too nervous. It’s necessary to take some exercise as you like. Also remember to get familiar with the examination environment, such as the toilet, the test room and so on. And above all, be confident of yourself. If you get ready the things that I mention above, your dream will come true. Good luck, everybody!


七年级英语作文 6

I have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years telephone number is 87634966 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English and Chiese.

She often plays the piano. She likes reading books and listening to the music. Her hobbies are reading and listening to music. She is a nice girl. We often help each other. We are good friends.

七年级英语作文 7

Many classmates ask me about my plan for summer I wish I could have a colorful and fruitful holiday,so I have decided to do a part-time job during the summer the one hand,I can earn some pocket money by doing a part-time can spend them freely,because they are earned by the other hand,I can accumulate some practical experience by doing a part-time can’t be learned in the class or from text ,I will go over my study and do some don’t want to waste the summer holiday.

很多同学问我我的暑期计划是什么。我很想度过一个丰富多彩又充实的暑假,所以我暑假期间我要去做一份兼职。一方面,我可以通过做兼职赚一些零花钱。我可以*支配这些钱,因为这是我自己挣来的。另一方面,我也能在做兼职的过程中积累一些实践经验。这些是在课堂上或者书本里学不到的东西。另外,我也会 兼顾我的学习,做些预习。我不想白白浪费掉暑假的时间。

七年级英语作文 8

I, the interest, also more fun. Dont look at me like information on only a few, still have a lot!

For example, a book. What what? ! You can book? Well, thats right. Summer vacation, I and my cousin together out of a book! Call, call, "the dream Lin Mo".

There are a lot of hobbies, such as: drawing, song, and stopping! Make up songs? Oh, no? Stars will sing songs, I wont? The blame. Making art... its no surprise. The somebody else do an alarm clock, you wait doubt is automatically go under, no, is by hand! That is not, he will move, that my invention is too much...

And, also, the forehead... anyway, a lot! Do you like me?

七年级英语作文 9

Hello! I’m a student from Class 10, Grade 7. Let me tell you something about my school life. It’s very intersting.

Classes begin at 7:50 am. I have five classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I have three classes. We studay many subjects. They are English, art, history, biology and some other subjects. My favorite subject is English. It’s easy and interesting. I like . and music, too. Our . teacher is very funny. But I don’t like history at all. I think it’s difficult and boring.

After school, I like playing soccer on the playground with my classmates. Sometimes I go swimming. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I go to the library.

I like my school life a lot.





七年级英语作文 课间趣事 10

 七年级英语作文 课间趣事 500字

Seventh grade English composition  500 words between classes
 Hello, everyone, I am today's gold medal reporter Xu Yang, I tell you today is a little fun between classes, it is the deepest memories of the students, listen to me slowly explain:
After class, we flew out like a happy bird, the next music class, just on the other side, I went there to find Ma Jingyi to play, because of running too fast, and Ma Jingyi bumped full of, she looked at me with a very surprised eyes, I said: "I am looking for you to play, the next just music class." "Well, I'm afraid I don't have anyone to play with." Surprised eyes changed to happy eyes. We play can be happy, class, Ma Jingyi in the process of returning to the classroom has been looking at me upstairs, as a result, in the classroom door there hit the door, the pain on the ground rolling --!
Another time, the class is over, I went to Chen Yidan to play, who knows he is concentrating on reading, still reviewing, oh mom, today Chen Yidan is what? Love crazy people, today in the classroom to concentrate on reading, so I went to call him: "Chen Yidan, how?" Not going out to play?" I thought he would answer: No, no, I want to be a good student, review it. Who knows this guy said: "Why not go out ah, I just wait until they are all gone, too crowded, I twisted my foot today -!" I'm dizzy --! I saw him pretend to be the boss to go out, on the way also twisted -! Pain lying on the ground to roll, who knows, he came back, I asked: "what, don't go out?" "Why, I go out the back door, the front door is so long."
Recess fun and simple, because for a long time did not go to learn, want to classmates, so, I want to recall the past fun.
大家好,我是今天的金牌记者徐阳,我跟大家讲的是今天课间的小趣事fun;,也是同学们最深的回忆,听我慢慢slowly; gradually; leisurely;解释:
下课finish class; class is over; dismiss the class;后,我们像快乐的小鸟birdie;一样飞了出去,下一堂音乐课,就在另一边,我去那里找马静怡玩,因为跑得太快,和马静怡撞得满满的,她用一种很惊讶的眼神看着我,我说:“我在找你玩,下一堂音乐课就好。”“嗯,恐怕我没有人陪我玩。”惊讶的眼神变成了高兴的眼神。我们玩得可开心feel happy; be delighted; have a grand time; joyful; rejoice;了,上课的时候,马静怡在回教室的过程中一直在楼上看着我,结果,在教室的门那里撞了一下门,痛得在地上滚——!
还有一次,下课finish class; class is over; dismiss the class;了,我去找陈一丹玩,谁知他正在专心concentrate one's attention;看书,还在复习,哦妈妈,今天陈一丹是什么?爱疯的人,今天在教室里专心concentrate one's attention;读书,于是我去叫他:“陈一丹,怎么了?”不出去玩吗?”我以为他会回答:不,不,我想做一个好学生,复习吧。谁知这家伙说:“为什么不出去啊,我只是等到他们都走了,太挤了,我今天扭了脚——!”我头晕——!我看见他冒充pass sb. or sth. off as; pretend to be; simulate;老板出去了,路上还扭了——!疼得躺在地上滚来滚去,谁知,他回来了,我问:“什么,不出去吗?”“为什么,我从后门[建] back door; postern;出去,前门[建] front gate;太长了。”
课间休息好玩interesting; for fun; amusing;又简单,因为很久没去学习了,想和同学在一起,所以,我想回忆一下过去的好玩interesting; for fun; amusing;。

七年级英语作文 11

My Class there are fifty-two students in my class. we have different likes and dislikes, but we all have a great goal. we study together. we play together. we talk to each other. we help each other. we are friendly to each other. our class is like a big family. we are very happy.

we have many teachers. they are very kind. they are always nice to us.

they make us study very very hard. all my teachers always encourage us to learn all subjects well.

七年级英语作文 课间 12

 七年级英语作文 课间 450字

Seventh grade English composition  Happy recess 450 words
 Jingling, after the bell rang, the students scrambled out of the classroom, and then swarm like to run to the playground. By the time I got to the playground, everyone was already playing!
Woah! The playground is so lively. There are those who play kickkey, those who play jump rope, those who play slide, those who play running, those who play swing, and those who play beach jump. After discussing with Lu Mingzhao and Chai Jiong, we decided to play football. Because we usually play OK, so easily joined in.
Tee off. "Watch out!" I said, I only heard Lu Mingzhao say: "Look at me." Then he made his best move -- a sacrifice fly ball. Suddenly came a "ah" sound, needless to say, must be Lv Mingzhao fell, it is estimated that the fall is not light. We ran over and saw that he was covered in dirt, almost a clay figure, but he didn't break. In fact, Lu Mingzhao is more suitable to be a goalkeeper, rather than a striker, because he can save the ball in the face of danger, and only the goalkeeper has such a sacrifice spirit. I see the situation is not right, but also use my trick - light water floating, scored a goal. But the good times did not last long, due to the negligence of our goalkeeper, the other team also scored a goal. Subsequently, Chai Jiong also used a trick - upside down gold hook, and scored a goal. Our goalkeeper learned from his experience and did not allow any more goals and we won 2-1.
Ring, ring, ring, it's the bell. Alas, ten minutes is always so short. So, the students rushed to the classroom like a swarm.
叮铃一响,下课铃响后,学生们争先恐后strive to be the first; vie with each other; vie with one another;地走出教室,然后成群结队地向操场跑去。当我到达操场的时候,每个人都已经在玩了!
哇!操场很热闹。有些人玩踢球,有些人玩跳绳rope skipping;,有些人玩滑梯children's slide;,有些人玩跑步,有些人玩秋千swing;,有些人玩沙滩跳。和陆明照、柴炯商量后,我们决定踢足球。因为我们平时玩得还行,所以很容易加入。
开球。“小心!”我说,我只听见陆明照说:“看着我。”然后他使出了他的绝招unique skill;——一个牺牲飞球。突然传来一声“啊”的声音,不用说,一定是吕明照摔倒了,估计摔得不轻。我们跑过去,看到他浑身是土,几乎像个泥人clay figurine;,但他没有摔碎。其实,陆明照更适合做守门员goalkeeper; goalie; goaltender;,而不是前锋forward; vanguard;,因为他在面对in the face of;危险的时候能把球救出来,只有守门员goalkeeper; goalie; goaltender;才有这样的牺牲精神。我看情况不对,也用了我的小把戏——轻水飘飘,进了一球。但是好景不长,由于我方守门员goalkeeper; goalie; goaltender;的疏忽,对方也进了一球。随后,柴炯又使出一招——倒扣金钩,并进了一球。我们的门将goalkeeper;从他的经验中吸取了教训,没有再让任何进球,我们以2-1获胜。

七年级英语作文 13

I ’m ZhaoLing. I have a good friend. Her name ’s Gina. She has good eating habits. She eats healthy food every day. What does she like every day? For breakfast, she likes milk and eggs. She likes chicken, rice, vegetables and salad for lunch. For dinner, she likes bananas and apples. She likes fruit and vegetables. She doesn ’t want to be fat. How about you? Do yu like fruit and vegetables?

七年级英语作文 14

My sister is a lovely girl. She has a nice English Name, “Elsa”. She is very clever and pretty. She is eight years old so she is old enough to go to school. This year, she tells me that she is a student now.

One day, my aunt took her to my home. My aunt had something important to do and had no time to look after her, so she told me to take care of her. First, I played with her for a short time.

I thought the game was boring, so I taught her some polite words, such as hello, please, sorry… She listened carefully. Suddenly, there was a person knocking on the door.

Elsa went to the door to open it. Afterwards, she was polite to say, “Please come in.”

Do you think she is lovely and clever? I think you will say, “Yes, I do.”

七年级英语作文 15