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My hometown is a small village located in the is surrounded by lush hills and woods with a * running through is where children often buildings in the village are old in appearance but the middle is a square,where there is a big tree,under which the elderly often meet drinking tea or looks satisfied and happy,which is also true of other love my hometown,and I hope it may be as beautiful as ever.



With the development of technology, today we live in the world with hightechnology.

People seem to can’t live without computer and smart phone, oncethey don’t have smart phone at hand for a while, the seem to be lost and feelsomething miss in their life. When I talk to my friends at table, I find themalways play smart phones or check on the text all the time. Though we sit faceto face, the distance between us is so far. The high technology brings isolationbetween people. Some people don’t often visit their parents and friends, forthey believe that a call can solve all the things. Communication in face to faceis far more important than a call. It is time for some people to put down theirsmart phones for a while when they are communicating to others.


I think my school life is very colorful. Every day, I go to school to have classes with my classmates and dear teachers. I like be there with them.

Not only have I learned knowledge, but also share the happiness together.

In the spare time ,we also do some sports games. I enjoy my school life very much.


My mother in our eyes is a beatiful has rounds eyes,long hair,white cheeks,long eyelash,and black works in a works she take us from school and we go back to home together,after this my mother will busy with cooking,cleaning the house and washing dishes and check my home think every day my mother is very tired,but she never said a sometimes we do not listen,she will be carefully to teach us.

My mother loves us and we also love our mother.




I’m going to the sun on my holiday.

I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship。then I’ll pilot the spaceship to the sun. the sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger for my eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. they are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them for forty minutes. then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the spaceship.

I’ll pilot the spaceship to the earth.


Mr. Lee is my English teacher, and is thirty. He likes sports very much, so he looks strong and young. He is fond of singing too. When we feel tired in the class, he will teach us some English songs. Sometimes he tells us some funny stories. He often encourages us to speak and write in English. Although we may make mistakes now and then, he always corrects them patiently and tells us how to write properly. He is really a good teacher. We all love him and his class.